Life is Very Good, when …

…you are spending it (life) in the Arms of YHVH!
YHVH, The Elohim of Avraham, Yitzhak and Ya’akov [Abraham, Isaac & Jacob] is The Only One with Whom you, or I, can spend time, … that is rest-filled, and

able to relieve our worries and anxieties and fears, and

able to produce and restore the healing our bodies, minds & souls have such an urgent need of, and

able to provide for each of us *all* that we need for real *life* and *godliness,* referring to what Shimon Kefa / Peter wrote in II Peter 1:3.

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Please note:  Elohim is a Hebrew word meaning “God” — that is, to an American, that means YHVH Elohim is *not* the supposed “god” the Moslems claim as their “god.”

… and YHVH is, actually,  not exactly the same as the “God” the supposed Christians claim as their “God.” — ouch!  really??  Why?

Because even the supposed Christians, those who claim a belief in “God” or “Jehovah” through The One they claim is named Jesus Christ, though He was born as One “in” the tribe of Judah / Yehudah.  He was a Jew of the Jews, of the line / tribe of the kings of Israel / Yisrael.

Yeshua was able to speak Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek, at the very least.
He was, therefore, and proven through the fact that his earthly parents both would have spoken Hebrew, at the very least, as their main/natural spoken language.

Yeshua …was named with a Jewish or Hebrew Name:  Yeshua, as some spell it.

Some spell it Yahshua, or Yahushua, or Yehoshua.  Either way, the Hebrew “Name” for The One, True, and Only Son of Elohim YHVH, is the most appropriate and more accurate “Name” to use when referring to The Messiah / Mashiach, The Redeemer of Israel / Yisrael. {the people, the children, of Israel / Yisrael}.

YHVH is The Name given to Moses / Moshe to use in writing about Who Moshe was to tell the children of Israel was The One Who sent Moshe back to Egypt, to be the deliverer, at that time, of them … from their bondage to the Egyptian / Mizraimite leaders (pharoah means king; it is a title, and not a “name”).

So, how will you spend your weekend time?

…with friends?

…with family?

…at a beach, lake or bubbling brook in a mountainous area?

…or quietly at home, studying (not just “reading”) The written Word, so you can grow inside your soul, and be restored, renewed and revived, through meeting personally with The One Who thought about, designed / planned out very thoughtfully and wisely and knowingly the entire universe all by Himself?  He cares about every moment of your life!  He knows you better than you know yourself!  He does want to spend time with you, every day, not just one day, or a portion of one day, each week!

Will you accept His freely-given invitation to come to know Him intimately?

He offers to spend time with you, any time / day / hour you are open to, and willing, to spend time with Him!  He is YHVH, The Compassionate One, Whose Mercy does endure for ever, and … His Mercy is able, and He is willing, to endure every quirk, every oddity, every silly thought or momentary dream, and every wrongly-aimed goal, of yours, … and of mine!

How do I know this is true?  Because He has proven Himself to be Who He promised He’d be, … from before time began!  He wrote all about Himself in His written Word, what most Americans call the Bible.  I call it, more often than not, “the Scriptures.”  Just because I’d prefer to remove the name of a “book” that He inspired men to write down in print, for generations after their lives ended on earth, … a “title” that expresses something different from the “name” His written Word was called during my younger years of life on His earth.  I prefer to call it something that expresses to me, as “The Word” does express, a compilation of “His Instructions (H I)” that He wanted me to read, personally, as from Him, personally.  His Instructions to me!  Yes, I prefer to call it that.

He is El Elyon, The Most High Elohim / El.  El means Mighty One, in Hebrew.  Elohim includes the plurality of His many-faceted character as The One, True “God,” Elohim, as used in Genesis / B’reisheet, chapter 1.  In chapter 2, He referred to Himself as YHVH.  Elohim is our Judge.  YHVH is our Merciful, Compassionate, Understanding Father.  He is One.  Elohim is not separate from YHVH.  He is One.  The several definitions of the “Names” Elohim and YHVH merely “explain” ot “help us to better know” Who He is, through words in our own language that are used to try to express something that, in some cases, is not correctly translate-able.

Have a rest-filled weekend!  Shabbat (the sabbath, in Hebrew) begins on what Americans call Friday, though it is Day 6.  Shabbat is the only day of the week, in Genesis / B’reisheet 1, which is given an actual “name,” by which it should be called.  He calls it one of His feast / appointed-time “days.”  The appointed-time days are Mine, says YHVH.  — see Leviticus / Vayikra 23:2.  Read it yourself.  The Scripture states, beginning with verse 1:  “And YHVH spake unto Moshe, saying, Speak unto the children of Yisrael, and say unto them, …the appointed-times of YHVH, which you shall proclaim (as) holy / set-apart convocations / gatherings, these (are) My appointed-times.”  — That says it pretty clearly.  And, the Sabbath / Shabbat is the highest of them all, according to His written Word.  It is mentioned, in Leviticus / Vayikra 23, in verse 3, the next verse.

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