Life with a Shalom-filled man

This post will be continued, as time allows.
For now, it will begin with a few thoughts….

During a previous year, YHVH introduced my soul to a kindred, and kind-hearted, soul, among believing men.
A true believer in Yeshua has seen Adonai YHVH so change his (or her) life on earth … that the believer simply does not think like, act like, he (or she) did, before.  Nor is he (or she) motivated like, he (or she) was, before a very real salvation / deliverance-from-evil happened, one day.

Adonai El Shaddai, Who is our All-Mighty Master / Lord, transforms our entire being, through the amazing work He does, deep inside us, when we make a choice, one day, as I know I sensed He wanted me to do, … to surrender the direction and choices, along with our plans, dreams and preferences, … including our rights to this or that, our pride (wanting things my way, for example) and our sense of justice …, laying them down at the Feet of … His Son, Yeshua our Messiah (Mashiach), … Who surrendered all that He was, and hoped to be, taking upon Himself the punishment I know I deserved, we each deserve, yet He did not deserve, for our selfishnesses, rebelliousness and crookedness-in-heart and -motivation.

One day, after months of correspondence, and telephone conversations, and … contact through available means, these days, … YHVH worked out the details involved in arranging a face-to-face meet-up, for a Shalom-filled man and myself.
Others were present.  We talked and … I found that they / we all got along very, very well.
Very well, indeed!

It was a wonderful beginning to what is now … Life with a Shalom-filled man.
I feel so very blessed that I cannot put it into words!!
YHVH has answered so many requests, and so many of my cries out to Him, as did David in the Psalms, by bringing a Shalom-filled man into my life!!
And, I could never thank YHVH enough for doing this!

YHVH knows He is continuing to teach me plenty of life lessons, day by day.  Yet, with a man who knows YHVH’s Shalom in a very real way, and His special Protection, Enablement and Provision, as well as His miracle-working Power, His abundant Mercy and His Redeeming, Life-Changing Love and Light, … life is an adventure, each new day our Loving Father gives us, to breathe, to see with the eyes He’s given us, and to do whatever He opens the door for us to do.

You can trust YHVH, Who loves you more than you can imagine, because … in time (as we know it) … He works out all things for good for those who are the called-out ones, according to His Purpose.