Helpful Homesteading Ideas…for Income

Schedule For Succession
( This article is really helpful!, with Good Advice on how to figure out the best plant species and varieties to plant, in order to yield the best crops … IF you plan to sell your veggies, your fruits, etc., you have grown on your land. )

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Making The Most of Your Space
( This is a helpful article!  If you happen to, also, live on a piece of land sizeable enough to “farm,” even on a small scale, and IF your land is also one that has been farmed, for generations, as the article-writer’s land is, you will really appreciate what she shares, in this article, about some ways she’s found that “work” for her! )

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How to Use Skill-Teaching As An Income On The Homestead
( This article looks like a great one to inspire many of you, maybe, to think about Other Ways You Can Earn a Decent Income through sharing what you are, and have been, learning while you have been homesteading / farming! Check this out! )

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5 Easy to Grow Plants to Sell on Your Homestead
( This article might save you, and me, quite a lot, through all that is shared … from one who knows first-hand! )

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Sometimes, I think I save “the best” for last.  Do you?  Here is another great article that should bless your heart, my friends!  Enjoy!

How to Buy Farmland, Even If You Think You Can’t
( As I read through this article, I see a bunch of very helpful ideas shared!  You’ll love this one, IF you have been thinking about homesteading, but have not yet bought land to “do it” on!  This one is well worth your time to read!  I know it was well worth my time!  And, I’ve gained some great ideas I can use! and share! — on twit’r and on face-m-up-book, & elsewhere online )


Thoughts for this Day

This day (the sixth day) of each week, and for some believers in Yeshua, and in Elohim YHVH, this includes the fifth day of each week, is called “preparation day.”
What are believers, followers of Yeshua, preparing for?
They are preparing for the coming Shabbat (that is Sabbath in Hebrew, spelled using English letters to spell it out phonetically).

On the sixth day of each week, those of us who follow in the Footsteps of, The Path of, The Way of, Yeshua, The Son (“ben” in Hebrew), get busy with our hearts feeling / sensing the enthusiasm & joy that comes with the weekly Shabbat celebration.  Our Shabbat celebration includes worship in the form of reading and studies in The written Word, beginning with a reading & discussion from Moses’ five-book writings (called the Torah — Torah means Instruction[s] or Teaching[s]), plus a reading / study from “the prophets” (called haftarah), and a reading / study in the B’rit Chadashah (the renewed covenant portion).  It also includes singing of Scripture songs (usually using words from The Bible, in Hebrew, or in some places, in English), and Davidic & Israeli folk (group) dancing (used only as worship; not secular forms of these dances), plus a discussion (called midrash).

(This varies, among believers & also is affected by whether or not a particular believer is in an area in which there are enough other believers to form a congregation, or a Scripture-study fellowship group, or whether folks meet in homes, as some do, like First Century followers of Yeshua did, after some went to the weekly, local-to-them, synagogue Scripture study, in some areas of the world.)

After worship & Scripture study time, most fellowship groups, even small ones, enjoy a time of “Delight.”  Delight is an English word for “oneg,” the Hebrew word.  We use the word “oneg” to refer to sharing a meal together with other believers, usually in the form of a pot-luck style meal, with each family, or individuals, bringing a dish, or a fruit, or other kosher foods, to share and eat with others, there.

I hope you, if you have not yet experienced a time of serious, yet fun & enjoyable, Scripture study, one day each week, especially on the seventh day, the Sabbath of YHVH, I hope you will, soon.  Choose to do it on your own, even if no one else you know is celebrating that Yeshua has redeemed us from the curse of the law of sin & death, and He is risen, which has instigated our future with Him in His Kingdom, in The New Jerusalem (Yerushalayim), after The Creator, Elohim YHVH, destroys the present earth of His.  And, if you are a believer in Yeshua, You will be on this earth during the 1,000-year reign of His, on the earth He was there, at “the beginning,” to create, at the command of Elohim YHVH, His (and my) Father, The Creator.

Keep trusting!  Keep believing!  Keep your focus, your eyes (spiritual eyes; your soul’s focus), on Yeshua!  — as He told Shimon Kefa (Simon Peter), when Peter was sinking down into the waters of the Sea of Galilee….  He told Peter to keep his eyes on Yeshua, and … he would not “sink.”

If you are a true believer in Yeshua, and if you are keeping His Sabbath He established, in Genesis 2:1-3 (especially verse 3), and are celebrating His moedim (mo’ed in Hebrew means an appointed time; like a scheduled meeting time, to meet up with The Creator Who made you and loves you much, much more than you know) — Pesach / Passover, and Shavuot / Pentecost, and Succoth / Sukkot / The Feast of Tabernacles — then, you are especially blessed!  You are held in His everlasting Arms!

He will never leave you nor forsake you!  Hold His Loving, Merciful Hand!  He will “be there” for you!  Shalom

A little inspiration … in this world

Inspiration … on this earth

My inspiration comes from The Creator, Whose artwork in His creation is wonderful!

His ways are higher than our ways.
His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

He paints the skies, even when the rich (who pay pilots to spew poisonous chemicals into our atmosphere, continue to try to poison us, our land & our water The Creator has given to us, as gifts) are intent on affecting The Creator’s skies we see with chemicals that try to hide, or alter, our view toward His heavens.

My inspiration originates from His written Word.
He uses poetic language, in the form of prayer songs.
He also uses historical information, about kings, about people and about honorable spiritual leaders.
He also uses stories told (at times) in parable form.
He also uses metaphors, as well as concepts that lend themselves to being included in allegorical-type stories made into movies, by humans who want to try to translate His concepts into an acceptable, and thought-provoking, format, for anyone who’s willing to view it.  We can learn a lot from these,
in our modern time, since so many will not take time to pick up a good book & read….

The artistic Creator, Who *is* creative, and brought forth the very concept of creativity into His world, onto His earth, … has produced many amazing designs we can see while looking at a brook, or a small stream, or a creek, and noticing the ways the water flows over the many shapes and sizes of stones and rocks.

Our Creator has put design also into the limbs and trunks of trees, if we will but notice what He’s done.
He also uses the orderly, and predictable, shapes to help us to recognize safe-to-eat species of plants — or trees (by their type of bark, and color, and trunk direction, whether bent, or straight, or in between).

Our Father in heaven, Whose Creation He is allowing us to enjoy, today (I believe), wants us to appreciate what He has put here, on His earth, on loan to us.
He seems to allow us so much freedom of choice, so much free-will choosing, while also expecting us to act responsibly with our use of His creation.
He seems to want us to use it thoughtfully and … He, then, will reward us if we do that.

Let’s please The One on Whose earth we dwell … by noticing the details in His created things, including the petals on flowers, as well as their aroma, or the aroma of blossoms we see at this time of year, … while also noticing the multiplicity of edible plants, and flowers, He has placed here to help us.

Let’s appreciate what He has done AND tell Him, each day, “a hearty Thank You!”  He deserves it.  We actually do not deserve what He has put here for us to use and to enjoy (responsibly).

If you have some thoughts to share, on this topic, and on a more specific topic within this topic of appreciating our Creator’s beautiful and inspiring creation, leave me a comment, … won’t you?


The Light …

Has your life made a positive turn toward The Light?

The words shared by “ha Goel (The Savior),” Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew Name His earthly mom and dad called Him), in Yochanan (John) 15, can lead you to not only * seek * The Light, but also to * walk in * and * abide in * The Light.

In John 15:9-17, you may read about Yeshua teaching His disciplined ones, His talmidim (His taught ones), that “if you keep (guard) My Commandments, you shall (a more certain form of “will”) abide (dwell) in My Love, even as I have kept My Father’s Commandments, and abide in His Love.”
Wow! — Yeshua’s Words sure can cut to the heart!  He is direct & concise!  Yet, He continually quotes from The written Word of Elohim YHVH, Avinu (our Father)’s teachings in both The Torah (Torah, in Hebrew, means instruction, teaching) and in the remainder of what many still mistakenly refer to as “the old testament.”  Those words, in quotes, there, are merely what modern-day publishers, Bible printers, print on the “title page” they added, one page in front of the English versions of books like Genesis and Matthew.  Those words neither were penned in the Koinonia Greek language, nor were they written in the original Hebrew.  Study up on this, friends!

Anyway, the point is:  Yeshua, The only-begotten of The Father, full of Grace and Truth, was unable to lie, unable to do evil, and yet, so many still choose to treat Him with disrespect, disdain and disloyalty. !  He simply wants (seems to me, to be wanting) us to trust Him, keep / guard His Commands He’s given, … from the beginning ….  If we do that, He says we will abide (we’ll be showing we do abide) in Him (Yeshua).  Yeshua * is * in The Father.  He abides in Him (Avinu = our Father).  Yeshua wants us to abide in Him (Yeshua, Who is * in * The Father.).

Got it?
If you’d like more passages, in The written Word, where I got this information from, I’ll be glad to share those with you!  (smile)
Leave me a Comment, and we can grow together in what He continues to teach us!


More Thoughts

I John 2:3 – – – And by this we do (!) know that we know Him (Yeshua ha Mashiach), * if * we keep His (Yeshua’s) commands (commandments).

Some people seem misled by what others have told them this verse means.  Since Yeshua is * One with, * united with (echad in Hebrew), His heavenly Father, Elohim YHVH, He has taught truths which are known to be in agreement with what Elohim YHVH has inspired men to write down, for future generations to learn and follow (walk in).

Since Yeshua and His Father are One, in full agreement, how would He inspire Yochanan / John (the apostle, an emissary, “a sent one”) to write down this verse * I F * the meaning of the verse is as it’s been taught by some, for example, in Southern Baptist and Independent Baptist, congregations?  That is illogical.

I John 2:4 – – – He who says, I know Him (Yeshua ha Mashiach), and keeps not His (Yeshua’s) commandments, is a liar, and the Truth is not in him.

The same author, Yochanan / John, also wrote, in John 17:17, speaking in prayer to our heavenly Father, Sanctify them through Your (Elohim YHVH’s) Truth:  Your Word is Truth.  (I added the capital letters.)

David, the author of Psalm 119, wrote, in verse 142:  Your (Elohim YHVH’s) Righteousness is an everlasting Righteousness, and Your Torah (torah, in Hebrew, means instruction, teaching) is The Truth. (I added the capital letters.)

This further emphasizes that we need to study throughout all of The written Word of Elohim YHVH, whom most Americans refer to as God.  (many so-called gods exist, and many people use a capital letter for the name or title of their particular “god.”  Yet, YHVH is One, and there is none beside Him. – – – see YeshaYahu / Isaiah 45:5-6 and Isaiah 46:9

For me, this helps me better understand the wonderful continuity in The written Word.  Elohim YHVH is unable to lie.  He speaks and teaches only what is true and right.  He created the universe we live in; it belongs only to Him.  He rules it, none other does or could.  He may allow things we disagree with, and cannot comprehend “why.”  Yet, He knows far beyond our knowledge or understanding!  – – – see Psalm 147:5
He cries when we cry.  He feels pain when we feel pain.  He goes through what we go through.  He is full of Compassion! and Mercy!
He does not like it that we suffer, unless He knows He can teach us endurance and also compassion for others who suffer, on earth.
He does not choose to “make us miserable,” as some may say.  He knows that we (most of us) learn through facing situations we don’t know the answers to solve, or resolve, or fix.
He even has allowed terrible, horrible misuse, abuse and hurtful actions, words, etc., … but only because He knows someone else, in our future, will need us to show them the same mercy, care & love He offers to use, if we are the one who’s suffered in that way.

Keep your chin up!  Continue trusting in The Only One Who offers His outstretched Arm of Deliverance to you, and to me!  He has not abandoned you!  He will never turn away from you, or leave you without help and deliverance!  We don’t understand why, but for some of us, death (our soul’s departure from this body, and our being re-united with our Maker, Redeemer and King) is our deliverance from suffering!  We can trust He always has us in mind, and never wishes to destroy us.  Hell (more correctly, Sheol, the place of the dead) was designed for the devil and his angels. Not for human beings!

Focus on Yeshua, . . . as He told Shimon Kefa / Peter to do, when he began sinking in the waters of the Sea of Galilee, while walking “on” the water toward Yeshua.  I am, as a human, as easily distracted from what I should be focusing on . . . as you may be.  So, I * do * understand “where you are at,” my friend!


Thoughts on this Day

Maybe, some of you are a bit like me:

I do have positive memories of a holiday my own growing-up family used to celebrate!  My parents made most worth-celebrating days “worth it!”  So, I had a positive childhood.  Others, I find, did not.  I am so sorry for anyone whose parents did not celebrate life, new life, re-born spiritual life in Yeshua, YHVH’s only-begotten Son and our Redeemer and Master, and special events in life.

I wish there was a way for our painful memories from our childhood, and (for some) from our teen years, to be healed within a short period of time, even if we pursue our healing * after * we reach adulthood!  For anyone who’s hurting, I wish I could be effective enough to help them work through all that they need to work through, to sense, and receive, the full healing each of us desire/want!  Until I reach a point in my spiritual growth at which I am, then, able to be more effective in helping others with their healing process, I will pray for them. But, I * do * care!

Today, while getting several responsibilities taken care of, I met several people, some younger, some older.  We were able to connect through either common interests or beliefs, or else through similar life journeys during a common period of time.

Life can take us on different paths, yet our Father, The Creator of His universe in which He allows each of us to dwell, * does * design us to receive * all * the Good He has planned for us to receive! YHVH cannot lie, He cannot do evil and He cannot allow anyone who (to Him) is unclean (by His own definition of what “unclean” means), defiled, evil or who are (determinedly) rebellious or, otherwise, defy / resist Him and His efforts to demonstrate His Active, Living Presence to them, in their personal life . . . to draw near to Him!, or to go to their everlasting “life” (too many think they get to enjoy with Him) * with * Elohim YHVH, after they die.  He obeys His own Words and Commands, you guys!

He is pure, and true, truthful and fully trustworthy!  Adonai YHVH, our Elohim (G-d), wants each of us to experience, in a very personal way, His Love, His Mercy and His Compassion!  If you have a question about Him, or about me, please leave me a kind, respectful comment in the space provided, below!  I look forward to reading what you’d like to say!



The Lives of African Americans on film

(many are documentaries)

Since I do not believe, based on some fantastic dramatic versions I’ve viewed, which tell (try to re-enact) portions of the lives, and struggles, of African Americans, a documentary can be as effective as a well-written, well-done, well-directed film can portray, I still wish to recommend you go to the link, above, to read about, and then, find your own way to view, what the blog author shares, there!

Looks like a great site!  Enjoy!

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