Adonai YHVH *is* your Provision!

Adonai is Elohim YHVH, Melech ha olam.  He * is * your Provider:  He is YHVH Yireh (or some spell it “YHWH” Yireh. The phrase means:  YHVH (Yehovah) will provide.

He rules over the heavens and the earth He created.  He rules and reigns over all the angels, everywhere (and at every level!),  … though the rebellious ones, who were expelled, thrown out, of heaven, do not obey His Voice.

Therefore, because He directs, commands, every “host” (or, in English, most might call “a host” an army), then, Elohim (G-d) YHVH (The I AM) is also known by the title:  YHVH (or Elohim) Tzeva’ot.  If you happen to use a Bible in American English as your jumping-off point for in-depth study, it may use the title “The LORD of hosts” instead of YHVH Tzeva’ot.

At times, I forget to voice to Avi (my Father in heaven) YHVH, in spoken prayer, that I * do * intend to acknowledge Who He is * as * YHVH Tzeva’ot.  I * do * realize He is The ultimate Judge of my life.  And, He cannot lie (see Numbers 29:13 and Titus 1:2).
He is my Compassionate Sovereign Ruler, Whose Kingdom rules over everyone and in every place in His universe.

So, I can (and often, should) say aloud that YHVH (Yod-Hay-Vav-Hay is the tetragrammaton which YHVH told Moshe/Moses, at The Burning Bush, in the land of Midian, to say to the children of Yisrael/Israel was and is His Set-Apart Name) * is * Tzeva’ot — The Master of all the heavenly armies of messengers.  That, alone, can dispel the kingdom of darkness’ emissaries, which “try” to affect us in our minds and work, in some areas of the world (it seems) more actively than in others, to “try” to wreak havoc on humans, especially those who have chosen to walk with The Master of His own universe:  Elohim YHVH Tzeva’ot, El Elyon (The Most High Elohim), Whose Redeemer-Son is Yeshua ha Mashiach (my own Savior, Redeemer, Adonai/Master and coming King).


I used the word “try,” above, because * all * that the rebellious angels / messengers can do is to “try.”  Note:  In Hebrew, the word translated into English as “angel” is actually malach.  Its foremost meaning is actually messenger.
They cannot actually get through to me, * unless * I allow a wrong thought, or a deceptive thought, to “get past my threshold in mind.”  We are taught, by Yeshua, to be vigilant.  Shimon Kefa / Peter, and Shaul of Tarsus / Paul the apostle (and Lucas the physician and Marcus/Mark both learned from Shaul), learned from Yeshua to teach this concept of watchfulness in prayer. (see Matthew 26:41, Luke 21:36, Mark 14:38, and I Peter 5:8-9, Ephesians 6:18 and Colossians 4:2)

Those who oppose The King of His universe, Elohim YHVH, Melech ha olam,

The ones who oppose Elohim YHVH are only … one-third of the messengers / angels, fell (were expelled) from heaven, because they chose to “side with” the adversary / the accuser (of us, as believers; he is a false accuser), who decided that he wanted (or, shall we say, thought he deserved) to rule over the world, yet that one (a high-level messenger) did not want to learn, and live by, the Truthful, Good Character that * is * Who Elohim YHVH truly is, and has, within His Being.

Two-thirds of the messengers / angels remained with Elohim YHVH, loyal to Him, to do what He sends them to do, on the earth He created.  People, on earth, who are not in a right relationship (rightly associated) with The Compassionate One, The Ruler of His own universe (Elohim YHVH), do not realize the enemy / false accuser / adversary of their souls does not need to “try” to affect them, in the way that one “tries” to affect true believers in YHVH and Yeshua.  They act in ways that agree with the enemy of our souls.

The accuser of our souls, of our brethren as some Bibles state it, “tries” to affect the ones the enemy sees as opposed to his attempts to over-rule the True Ruler of this universe, Elohim YHVH.  Why?  Why does YHVH allow the accuser, the enemy of our souls, to “work hard” to “try” to influence us, to do wrong things, or to think evil thoughts?

One reason seems to be because the enemy seems to think it is his job to get true believers off track, off The Path of Light, and … to “try” to get / deceive / persuade us (I say “us” because I am a true believer in Yeshua ha Mashiach, The only-begotten Son of Elohim YHVH, The Father Almighty) to “think” in ways that oppose, or turn against, The Truth.  Even if we have been true believers for quite a while, or for many years, we may not be as “watchful” and “prayerful” as we should be, …
… and, as a result, we have given an opening we do not realize … which gives permission to the enemy to “get through” our protective threshold, or shield around us, which Elohim YHVH has given to us, to protect and help us.

Why does the enemy succeed in the “trying” he does?
Only because we are not noticing his tricks, his schemes, or his deceptive thoughts we thought were our own thoughts, in our minds, …
… and there are more reasons.
So, be full of watching, for your Redemption (Yeshua) * is * soon to come back!  ( smile )
And, be full of praying, … praying continually, at all times, in all places and at every time, day or night.  This does not mean you never do anything else, friends.  You know that.  It simply means we are to dwell in an attitude of prayer to our heavenly Father, in every circumstance, and when faced with any obstacle or trouble or problem.  Life is full of those, right?


IF we remain, by choice, Watchful, we will dispel the darkness!  We will be allowing Yeshua’s Light to shine through us, through our attitudes revealed in our words, our emotions, our behavior and our actions.  We will be enabled, by YHVH’s Ruach ha Kodesh, His Holy Spirit, to resist the enemy, IF we walk / live / dwell in an attitude of prayer, as Yeshua prayed, and … evidenced in words David the shepherd and king wrote when he was in danger of being killed, crying out to Elohim YHVH for deliverance that only Elohim YHVH was able to bring.  No other could have delivered David from the dangers he faced, many times in his life.

Friends, leave me a comment IF you have any questions about this.  I hope I explained enough to help you better understand some of the battles in our minds that we all face, while on this earth.  Knowing these things can enable you to overcome and sense the real Freedom in your soul that we all seem to sense we need * and * want!

Prayerfully (having spent a good amount of time asking your heavenly Father to enable you to know Him better, and asking Him to fight these battles for your mind * for * you, because none of us are able, on our own, to overcome the enemy’s attacks, in our thoughts) resist (Choose to stop the lies, and the hateful thoughts, and the bitter, or angry, or violent, retaliatory or vengeful thoughts, etc., from affecting your attitude toward another person who has hurt you in any real way, emotionally or otherwise — These are just examples, to help you understand * what * we are taught, as true believers, to “resist.”) * all * the attempts of the adversary (ha satan:  a title, not a name.  That one’s name was taken away by Elohim YHVH, when that one rebelled against The Almighty One, El Elyon.  The title of ha satan, which means, from the Hebrew, the accuser) to get you to think or do anything you know is not in agreement with what Elohim YHVH, The G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob / Israel, taught us in His written Word!




Insights for today

YHVH, The Compassionate One in His heaven, likes us to willingly listen to His Voice!

Have you thought about what that means?

He has used the Hebrew (transliterated, here, by me) she’mah (accent is on the second syllable), often, in His written Word.
It seems to indicate the idea of my not only “hearing” what He is teaching me, through my study of His written Word, but also “obeying” what He’s said He wants me to know and understand, and (then) do.

YHVH * does * understand what you and I go through, in our daily activities and the challenges life brings, just due to the sin in this world.
I look forward to the world to come!  Don’t you?

YHVH is, in a way, much like a Loving, Good-Hearted “Dad” …, in this sense:

He wants us to spend quality time with Him, and
He knows that, for us to succeed in life (on earth) in a way that pleases Him and meets His Goals / Plans for our Good, we need to listen with all our attention to anything He is teaching us.  He teaches and instructs us through our studies in His written Word.  And, He also teaches us through other people and our interactions with them.  And, He instructs us through our willingness to have hearts / minds that are sensitive to the workings of His Ruach haKodesh, His Holy Spirit.

YHVH speaks to us, in dreams and in visions.
He speaks to us through circumstances that we cannot control and through situations life seems to present us with, which puzzle, or perplex, us.

YHVH, I think, because He is so Compassionate toward all who call upon Him in Truth, shows us the ultimate patience … in waiting until we return (turn fully) to His Heart, really desiring to come back into complete agreement with The Truth He has taught us!  That way, He can enrich our souls, our minds and our lives in the way He’d like to.
He waits a very long time, until we are truly ready to change what we are doing that is not in agreement with His Way, His Path for us.

He has shown me patience that has amazed me! …numerous times in my life!  I can only conclude that it is just His Nature to respond to, and act toward, my mistakes, my misunderstandings and my messed-up thinking … with His Loving Heart of True Shalom, Awesome Mercy and His Kind Meekness (meekness:  His Strength under control) … because that is Who He is!  YHVH is truly Amazing!

If we listen to His Voice, and have hearts that desire, deep down, to really * know * YHVH for Who He truly is, He will enable us to hear and to obey in such a way that other people will see Him through us.
If, however, we speak wrongly, have a wrong attitude or allow ourselves to be influenced by the tricks the enemy (of our souls) tries to play on our minds, … we will be tying His Hands of Blessing so that He has to choose * not * to produce The Good He would have produced, if only we had chosen to let Him live His Life in us.
That is heart-breaking, to me, to think about, because I know I have not realized what I was doing wrong, in the past, and have not been vigilant / watchful, when the enemy of my soul was trying to stir up trouble, at times.  I royally messed up!
Yet, Avi (my Father in heaven) YHVH continued to willingly receive me back into a better relationship with Him, after I repented and asked His Forgiveness.  He is always willing to receive us into His Arms, I F we are serious about repenting.  It is not just words.  It must be a deep-down change of heart!  He is able to discern my motive in saying “I am sorry,” to Him.  He knows when I really mean it!
YHVH seems, to me, to just want us to be honest with ourselves, and with other people.  And, … to listen to His Voice, even if He must speak to us to correct us, when we are straying off His Path.  He only wants our Good & our Best for us!  He loves us better than anyone else ever could!!  He can only do us Good! (yes, even when circumstances may lead us to think He is allowing “bad things” to happen, or to continue)  — Please remember that:  YHVH can only do us Good!  He * is * Good(ness)!



Thoughts for the Day dedicated to Yeshua

My days are dedicated, each day while I am alive on His earth, to Eloheinu YHVH, and to Yeshua haMashiach.

My thoughts are, too often, distracted… from a list of To Do’s … toward various Necessary’s, … and (some days) to Emergency-Stuff-that-must-be-dealt-with-right-now.
Are yours?

My heart desires to focus only on worshipping my Redeemer and coming King!  Yet, day-to-day life requires us to deal with things which must be taken care of.  So, my thoughts, today, about all that include:

crying out to YHVH Rachamim,

asking Him to enable, to strengthen and to mercifully guard and guide me… especially when I find my life is being affected by a number of factors that only He knows best how to handle and deal with.

Today, I find I have a number of real needs that only He can fulfill.  He knows best how to bring about exactly what I need, today.  He also has in mind to only do Good for me and any with whom I am associated, all of us being under His Loving Care and within His Covenant, in relationship to Him thanks to The Finished Work that His Son, Yeshua haMashiach, has completed, on our behalf, just because He loves us, and chose to Love us long before we were even born (in Truth).
I have nothing to worry about.  … nothing to fear.  … no reason to let my emotions lead me into anxiousness.  … no way to stumble IF I am walking in The Footsteps of The Messiah of Yisrael:  Yeshua haMashiach.

I only need to focus (and if distracted, to re-focus) my attention, and my thoughts, * on * Yeshua.  If I have read and studied enough about Him to know Him pretty well, then, today, I can be assured, deep inside, that He is * with * me, and He will * never leave me * nor will He ever * forsake / abandon / leave * me … IF I am walking * with Him. *

IF I am walking * with Yeshua, * then I am following Him in The Way, the direction in which, He is walking.  In Hebrew, the idea of walking is associated with a path one is traveling on by foot.   derech  or  halachah  are words often used in association with the idea of walking in a specific direction, or “how one lives” in daily life.

Let’s focus, or re-focus, our thoughts on The One Who willingly, and freely, gave His Life so we could Find The Rest that only He and YHVH El Shaddai can provide and … continue us * in, * while we are alive on His earth.  Afterward, we’ll be * with Him * where He is, in Truth!  That’ll be “heaven!” … though my wording for where it is, and what it is to be called, differ from the usual use, in America, of the English word “heaven.”  If you want me to explain, leave me a polite, kind comment.  Shalom Shalom




learning to submit my heart to The One Who made it

The Lord has really been “working” on my heart! — By the word “heart,” I am referring to my “right” heart (my terminology, again), that He has renewed and is delivering, daily, from its old ways of thinking (my soul: which includes my mind, my will and my emotions).
Realizing my terminology contains errors, if you’re still with me, you may read on at your own risk. (Maybe, Noah Webster would not have appreciated a dictionary I might have put together, had I lived, as he did, in the 1700 to 1800s — 1758 – 1843; he worked as an educator, who had studied law at Yale University, first. And he is known also as America’s first lexicographer, as well as a journalist, textbook author and spelling reformer. Do you know what was the year in which Mr. Webster published his first dictionary of the English language? I didn’t, before. But you can do an online search and learn this!)

To explain a bit, … using the word “heart” to mean, in my case, more than just what motivates me to accomplish a task or speak a thought, … I would say my use of this word would include the concepts of the believer’s mind. I’d consider my will to be my “choose-r.”
And I’d consider my emotions to be my feelings, my impulses, my passions, my affections, … though I’d consider my attitude to come from my spirit, but it being affected by my heart and what it is motivated to “compel” me to do.

If you’re still with me, let’s move on to the next thought from my “heart.” My “right” heart, motivating me to learn more, and grow closer, to my Lord I love and am drawn toward, to obey and serve Him, … urges me to focus, as I begin my day, to praise Him, in both song and prayer.
It also urges me to think thoughts that are about things which are “true, … honest, … just, … pure, … lovely, … of good report,” and which are virtuous and worthy of praise. (taken from Philippians 4:8)

Right away, as my day begins, I become aware that wrong thoughts and wrong motives try to sidetrack me from reaching God’s best for the day. As soon as I am aware of those derailing engines, as God has taught me to do, I’m (learning to be) choosing to speak a verse that my Lord brings to my mind, to resist the wrong thought and replace it with a thought that pleases my Lord. It works! Hallelujah! (spoken with an enthusiastic shout!)

As God works on my “heart,” He keeps tugging at the part of my heart that still wants to motivate me to worry, or become anxious, regarding meeting the demands of a world system of thinking that proposes that women are the ones who tend to worry, or get upset, or anxious, … or fearful.
But as a true believer in my Lord, Who made heaven and earth, and controls and maintains all things in His creation (which includes the entire universe and all that is required to keep it going, enable the wind to blow properly, the rocks to hold together and not suddenly burst apart, and continues to provide water to come from springs under the ground layers, and … provide water that flows down brooks, into streams, from creeks, into rivers, and then into larger rivers, and then, in the ocean. Do we run out of water? No! He renews it, and brings it forth, again, so that those He loves will have access to water they need to water crops, give to their children, and give to their animals, besides its other, many uses), … as a believer, … my Father in Heaven has given me all (I need) to live for Him, with Him and “in” Him.)

Ephesians 1:3 shares this: “Blessed be The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Messiah), Who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in Heavenly places in Christ (Messiah):”
(verse 4) “According as He hath chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in Love:”

II Peter 1:3 shares this: “According as His Divine Power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto Life and Godliness, through the Knowledge of Him that hath called us to Glory and Virtue:”

Though there are many good verses related to us noticing things like worry, anxiety or fear trying to “creep in” to our thoughts, or attitudes, each day, I’m citing these for now.

What I may be tempted to overlook, in those, is this:
The verse, just before Ephesians 1:3 and II Peter 1:3 shares this — (Ephesians 1:2) “Grace be to you, and Peace, from God our Father, and from The Lord Jesus Christ.” (Yeshua the Messiah) — (II Peter 1:2) “Grace and Peace be multiplied unto you through The Knowledge of God, and of Jesus (Yeshua) our Lord.”

What blessedness, to read these verses, altogether!
I don’t mean I always skip through the Bible, not usually reading verses “in order.”
But if we read Ephesians 1:3 or II Peter 1:3 without first reading the “verse 2’s,” we’ve missed the Power God is ready to give us, each moment of each day, if only we will submit our “hearts” to His Holy Spirit’s leading and promptings.
He is ever with us! He “is” Emmanuel! He promised to ever remain with us, to enable us and help us “not” to worry, become anxious or fearful.

II Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of Power (dunamis), and of Love (agape), and of a sound mind.” (“mind,” here, in the Greek, means discipline, self-control)

Isaiah 41:10 “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yes, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with The Right Hand of My Righteousness.”

The verse just before this shares: “Thou whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called thee from the chief men thereof, and said unto thee, Thou art My servant; I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away.”

(also, please read & pray, asking God to bless you with what is in Ephesians 3:16 and any verses around that one!)

Seeing that verses we seem to remember are preceded by verses that remind us of more thoughts God thinks toward us (as He mentions in Psalm 139) for our good, He seems to be reminding us that we need not worry, or wonder what next week, or next year, might bring. We need only to rest in Him. (it’s a great study to read through the verses, in God’s Word, that contain the word rest, when used in regard to people needing to rest in God, our El Shaddai).

He may be putting those preceding verses there to remind us He has chosen us and called us to be His, because of His Love for us, ….

Or He might have put those preceding verses there to remind us He has gone before us, to make the way He is asking us to walk in, or travel along. Since He has “made the way” for us to “walk in,” He surely has worked out things so that our “walk,” along that pathway, be filled with an attitude, a “heart,” resting (as fully as we are able, by receiving His enablement, that I call “grace”) in The One Who loves us more than we truly understand.

If He truly has not given us a spirit of fear, … then do we realize why we are “feeling” fearful? (at times)
Have we let ourselves, in the thinking we’ve allowed ourselves to embrace, or to ponder for awhile, slip into a trap that the enemy of our souls (satan) set for us to fall into?
Have we let ourselves choose “not” to receive what God has been holding out toward us, in His Gentle, Loving Hand? It’s His Grace and Peace.

Have I begun my day without stopping to thank The One Who made me and to Whom I belong for His Grace and Peace I’m receiving, at that moment, … simply because He has offered it to me, to help me to get through that day’s responsibilities (duties) … which will include challenges, mess-ups, interruptions, distractions, and struggles?
Have I “heard” His Voice? (as I begin my day)

Have I remembered that He is not the one who is trying to get me to think anxious thoughts? or to worry? My Lord has given me His rest! I must simply accept it!
He smiles, I imagine, whenever I just reach forth the hands of my heart toward His open Hands, to receive the Grace and Peace He is ready to give to me.
He rejoices! (when we obey and receive the blessings and the help He offers us, each moment)

I leave you with these two verses that are separated by at least one chapter, but they have blessed me, and do seem to have a strong connection in the ideas they share:

Isaiah 30:15 “For thus saith The Lord God, The Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength:….”
Isaiah 32:17 “And the work of Righteousness shall be Peace, and the effect of Righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.”

The Joy of The Lord truly “can be” our strength. (from Nehemiah 8:10c) But will we allow it to be? My “will” is my “choose-r.” “The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is Mighty; He will save, He will rejoice over thee with Joy; He will rest in His Love, He will Joy over thee with singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17)

I close this post with this Truth that also inspires me and brings me back to the thinking my Lord wants me to think like:
Isaiah 26:3-4 “Thou (O Lord) wilt keep him in perfect Peace, whose mind is stayed (focused) on Thee : because he trusteth in Thee. Trust ye in The Lord for ever: for in The Lord JEHOVAH (YHVH) is everlasting Strength:”
(by the way, please also read through the verses just before and just after these two!)

hee hee!
Let’s rejoice in our Lord, to Whom nothing gets in the way, nor upsets Him in a way of causing Him to become anxious or worried, … nor slows Him down from reaching His goals, nor makes Him wonder if He will be able to help us when we seem to be in an impossible situation, on earth.

If He is The One Who is re-making us in the image of His dear Son, then we are becoming more and more confident (in Him alone), “keeping a quiet heart,” instead of a worried one, and trusting (in Him) more, and less and less in ourselves or anyone else on earth.

He is able! He can deliver you! (from anything evil) Evil cannot touch you. (your truest self — your spirit where God’s Holy Spirit indwells your spirit; it is not the same as your soul, in my understanding) (from I John 5:18)

He has all power in heaven and in earth! Nothing is too hard for Him. (Jeremiah 32: 17, 27) He holds all things together, and in Him all things consist. (from Colossians 1:16-17) Since this is true, He is able to alter any circumstance, if it will bring glory to His Holy Name. If He chooses not to do what we think or hope He will do, then He has a greater reason and a higher purpose for that suffering, or that delay, or that lack of something we thought we had to have, …. He knows.

He is listening to our cries! He is hearing our yearnings!
He’s been teaching me that He works when I can’t see “that” with my human eyes, on bringing about the good He has intended, from the beginning, to use to bless His children, to deliver them from evil, to accomplish the salvation of all those who He knows will “love” Him back, willingly, and to heal those whose healing will bring Him glory and praise.

He has given us all the reasons we need to fully trust Him. He has proved Himself to be trustworthy.
Then, why don’t I trust Him at all times? Have I received His Grace and Peace, today?
He offered them to me. (ouch!)

My Lord, and Redeemer, thank You for offering me your gifts, your blessings, your enabling power and your Loving Might! Help me, today, to receive all that You are giving me, freely!
Show me what I have, in my soul, in my thoughts, in my motives, that is blocking me off from receiving Your Grace and Peace, my Father in Heaven! Thank You for hearing my prayer!
You are awesome and generous! Help me keep my mind on Your Truth! Hallelujah! In Yeshua’s Mighty Name. Amen.

More Ways YHVH is at work in my life, this Autumn

Our Father, The Creator of His universe, and of this earth on which we dwell, thinks about you, and about me, every moment.

… every moment!

He plans for our sad days, and our lonely nights.  He plans for our happy days, and our fulfilling, satisfied nights.

He considers the specific personality He has designed each of us to use in the best way we are able, to bless His Kingdom with and to cooperate with YHVH in the working out of what He wants us to be involved in, and to influence … for good, in the realm, the “neighborhood,” He has placed us in, for good.

When I use the phrase “for good,” please note that it is related to YHVH’s perspective (as shared by men He inspired, directly, to write down His perspective, in The written Word) of producing “good,” for the benefit of all who belong to HaShem, Adonai, YHVH our Elohim, The King eternal (Melech ha olam).
“For good” includes the idea that anything you, or I, produce, or accomplish, while we are alive on earth, if done in cooperation with Elohim YHVH, must produce “some good” that encourages, builds up, helps or assists, or improves, someone else’s life, or the land He’s chosen to dwell in and be directly involved with (now known as Israel, yet it includes more land than what is usually understood, nowadays, as being part of the nation of Israel).

Because YHVH is thinking about you every moment, have you considered talking with Him, each day, for a short while?
Have you asked Him “what do You want me to accomplish, today?”
Have you stopped, for a short while, to think about what His Plan is, for you to cooperate with Him, in?  That would affect what type of work, or service, you do, each day.  He may wish for you to do some work, each day (or several times each week), which does not pay you an income, but which benefits others, and thereby it benefits you, as well.  This is something we can all think about.  Those of us who know Him well enough ” should ” pray about this, because, to Him, it is imperative that we are in touch with Him, and also, cooperating with Him, each day, in “the good” He is already involved in bringing about, on the earth He made.

~*~      ~*~      ~*~      ~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~

I find that my thoughts, if not frosted with a thick coating of His wonder-filled Words of Truth, first, each day, tend to wander off in directions they should not go toward.  That may not mean anything overtly evil or immoral, folks!  It may simply indicate that, if I do not begin my day with a willful choice to focus on Yeshua my Redeemer and the example He lived on earth, before His death & resurrection, … my thoughts can try to lead me toward anger, or bitter memories, or unforgiveness toward someone who deeply affected my life in a very negative way, … or toward hateful, or judgemental, critical and controlling, thoughts, regarding anyone who’s done evil toward any person whom I consider to be unworthy of being misused, abused or mistreated.

I am seeing YHVH provide other Truth-believers, who Follow Yeshua’s Way of Life, and Light, … to help me find a way back, in my thinking, to The Path of Life, that focuses my attention, by choice, on things that are positive, …
i.e., … which are:  True, … Honest, … Just, … Pure, … Lovely (in YHVH’s Eyesight), … of Good Report, … and, if there is any Praise (regarding things which we can do, or can observe another True follower of Yeshua doing), … I see I should think on / about these things.
Otherwise, my thoughts will not ponder what I ” should be ” pondering.  ( duh )  – – – – – * the verses my words refer to are found in:  Philippians 4:8 *

Would you like to Lose Weight? without a Diet?

What Foods … are the most effective for increasing or improving Weight Loss?

How easy is it to obtain those * best foods for weight loss ? *

Will I have to spend more than $ 100 (US) each month to use a truly effective weight-loss “food program” or “protein & green-veg” powder (re-hydratable) mix, to drink with purified water?

If it costs less than $ 100 per month, how Effective Will It Be at Enabling Me To Lose The Weight I Need To Lose??   I can tell you:  It * will * be quite effective for you!  Just believe it will help you, and … when you begin to see How Good You Feel, you will begin realizing How Easy It Will Be To Lose Weight!

I have several questions for you to think about, as you read these next few paragraphs:

a.  How Many Pounds (or kilograms) do you want to lose?  … each week?  … each month?

b.  If you Want to Keep your Lost Weight off, what are you willing to change, in your daily, moment-by-moment Living Habits?

Are you ready to …

… begin consuming Only Purified Water?

… begin thinking first, before picking up what you call “food” to eat it?

… begin choosing super-foods (concentrated forms of energy, nutrition, but these are regular foods you have seen before, and you may have eaten some of these foods, before.  They are not unusual.  They are just the ones most effective to improve your health, satisfy your * hungry feeling. *)?

… begin eating at a regular time, each day?  (within a time frame.  Not ONLY specific times of day, as far as what I have learned, about this, so far.)

… begin going to sleep at a regular time, each day?  (within a time frame.  Not ONLY one specific hour.)

… begin with small movements, if your body has become used to a sedentary lifestyle?  Then, progress, each week doing more movement.  If I were you, I’d begin walking, slowly at first.  Then, you can walk a bit faster.  You will see, quickly, that this progress actually happens more automatically than you might have figured, if you have not added exercise of any kind to any diet you have ever tried in the past.

… begin learning all you can about The written Word of Elohim YHVH, and His Son, Yeshua ha Mashiach?

** Disclaimer:  Some who read this blog post may assume that doing that would do them no good, on earth, or otherwise.  Yet, I have been able to verify, in my own life, that doing this * has truly made such a huge difference * in the peace I sense in my soul, that I could not live, or consider attempting to endeavor on an * effective Weight Loss Program * without knowing YHVH and His Son, Yeshua, … through the work (activity) of His Ruach ha Chodesh (Holy Spirit).  So, I highly recommend this!

Why?  Because, * with * Yeshua, my life has been amazingly wonderful, in the amount of Mercy, Deliverance (from many bad situations, and from dangerous situations, in life) …, and Healing, Protection, Provision, … Shalom Peace (deep inside) and Joy (deep inside, that no one can ever take away, even if Happiness seems to escape my grasp, due to life situations that simply do not go as we’d wish, or want, or hope, they’d go.  We all go through this, friends!  Nothing is new under the sun.

Life with a Shalom-filled man

This post will be continued, as time allows.
For now, it will begin with a few thoughts….

During a previous year, YHVH introduced my soul to a kindred, and kind-hearted, soul, among believing men.
A true believer in Yeshua has seen Adonai YHVH so change his (or her) life on earth … that the believer simply does not think like, act like, he (or she) did, before.  Nor is he (or she) motivated like, he (or she) was, before a very real salvation / deliverance-from-evil happened, one day.

Adonai El Shaddai, Who is our All-Mighty Master / Lord, transforms our entire being, through the amazing work He does, deep inside us, when we make a choice, one day, as I know I sensed He wanted me to do, … to surrender the direction and choices, along with our plans, dreams and preferences, … including our rights to this or that, our pride (wanting things my way, for example) and our sense of justice …, laying them down at the Feet of … His Son, Yeshua our Messiah (Mashiach), … Who surrendered all that He was, and hoped to be, taking upon Himself the punishment I know I deserved, we each deserve, yet He did not deserve, for our selfishnesses, rebelliousness and crookedness-in-heart and -motivation.

One day, after months of correspondence, and telephone conversations, and … contact through available means, these days, … YHVH worked out the details involved in arranging a face-to-face meet-up, for a Shalom-filled man and myself.
Others were present.  We talked and … I found that they / we all got along very, very well.
Very well, indeed!

It was a wonderful beginning to what is now … Life with a Shalom-filled man.
I feel so very blessed that I cannot put it into words!!
YHVH has answered so many requests, and so many of my cries out to Him, as did David in the Psalms, by bringing a Shalom-filled man into my life!!
And, I could never thank YHVH enough for doing this!

YHVH knows He is continuing to teach me plenty of life lessons, day by day.  Yet, with a man who knows YHVH’s Shalom in a very real way, and His special Protection, Enablement and Provision, as well as His miracle-working Power, His abundant Mercy and His Redeeming, Life-Changing Love and Light, … life is an adventure, each new day our Loving Father gives us, to breathe, to see with the eyes He’s given us, and to do whatever He opens the door for us to do.

You can trust YHVH, Who loves you more than you can imagine, because … in time (as we know it) … He works out all things for good for those who are the called-out ones, according to His Purpose.