Some Words of Wisdom 4 You

Job (Iyov, in Hebrew) 28: 12, 23-28  ( Inspiring! )

Proverbs 2 { Enjoy reading this chapter, yourself, friends!  There are many truths in it for you -n- me to learn Wisdom from! }

I John 1, verses 3-4  —

    Because Yochanan / John had seen, listened to and literally walked with, Yeshua ha Mashiach, The Anointed and Only-begotten Son of El Elyon YHVH, The Most High *I AM,* Yochanan actually “knew” His Redeemer long before he (Y.) witnessed Yeshua’s death on the Roman execution stake.

    So, Yochanan can state that “What we have seen and heard, we declare to you, so that you also may participate, share in (koinonia, in Greek), “fellowship” with us (Yeshua’s disciples ones, who lived on earth and interacted with Him while He was on earth):  and truly our “fellowship (koinonia)” is with ha Ava (The Father, YHVH), and with His Son, Messiah Yeshua.” — verse 3

    In verse 4, Yochanan states: “And these things we write to you, so that your Joy may be complete (or, full; replete; satisfied; … pleróö, in Greek.  The same Greek word is used in Matthew 5: 17 !).” — verse 4

       ~•~       ~•~       ~•~

I John 1, verse 5 —

    “This, then, is the message we have heard from Him (Yeshua), and declare to you, that YHVH Eloheinu (in Hebrew, Elpheinu means “our God”) is *Light,* and in Him (YHVH, The I AM) is no darkness at all.” (“darkness” is from the word “skotía,” in Greek.  dimness, obscurity, from “skotos,” shakiness, obscurity.) (A similar-sounding Greek word, for dark or darkness, “skoteinos,” means opaque, i.e., “to involve in darkness, to shroud with the shades of night.” “to involve in moral darkness, or ignorance,” such as the heathen.”)

   YHVH *is* Light!  He never participates in any form of shadiness, or lack of clarity or purity.  He wants us, I believe, to abide in Yeshua *in* His Light!,  … in The Pure, Pristine Virtue and Excellent (Right-Wise; Righteous) Character that Yeshua walked in (in His behavior, His thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions)!

     Can we do this?!?  Yes!, only while abiding *in* Yeshua!  How do we do that?!?  He enables us as we prayerfully study with our whole heart (with an upright attitude, sincerely!) in His Word, seeking to better Understand Who YHVH is, Who Yeshua is!

Think about this ….
He is able to enable each of us!


The Way

    If you are already practicing (walking in; living as one) abiding “in” Yeshua our Redeemer, you are already “on,” as one who is walking on a dirt path in a wooded, or fertile land!

    Yeshua’s Path *is* The Way!  It is The True Path to Real, True Life within YHVH’s awesome Kingdom of Light and Life!

    Because you have been adopted, engrafted, into the family of El Elyon, Melech ha olam (The Most High El, The King eternal), through your trust and belief, by His Grace, in Yeshua ha Mashiach (The Anointed One) of YHVH!  HalleluYah!

Rejoice at all times!
    Look up!
Circumstances may, and will, seem to try to drag you down, or discourage, or frustrate you.

     Yet, remind yourself, daily, Who has paid the ultimate price to purchase you from the kingdom of darkness, and has absolutely defeated that deceiver, the false accuser!  By Yeshua’s willing decision to Redeem your life, as one paying a price to adopt you out of a life of bondage, destruction and spiritual death, Yeshua actually brought new Life to you, on a spiritual level (much higher level that YHVH understands)!

    So, … rejoice in YHVH always!  Rejoice in Yeshua always!  Yeshua said:  I and My Father are One. (echad, in Hebrew)
     Rejoice in Who, in the Character of, YHVH is!
     Rejoice, Joy, Sing with all your heart and soul, in Who Yeshua is!  … in Who you understand He is, in His Pure, Merciful, Powerful, Meek, Character!  (meek refers to strength under control)

    Keep your eyes (of your heart) on Yeshua!


“Barchu YHVH” — Psalm 103

In this Psalm written by king David, verse 1 begins with the 2-word Hebrew statement “barchu YHVH, ….”

“Barchu” is the action / command (verb) form of “baruch,” (both these Hebrew words come from the root word “barak”) so “barchu” is telling us to “bless” YHVH, our Creator King.

Hebrew (Strong’s Concordance #) #1288 gives us the primary root word (3 Hebrew letters = a Hebrew root word) of “barak’.”  (probably pronounced *baw-rawk’)  It seems to refer to kneeling.  It implies “to bless Elohim YHVH,” as an act of adoration.  … according to James Strong. (who authored the Strong’s Concordance)

   When we want to Praise our Father in heaven, must we kneel every time?  We could.  Maybe we should!

  Yet, because I am still “learning,” my understanding at this time is:  deep inside our soul, our being, each of us must “kneel down,” even “prostrate” our inner selves, in adoration, in awe, in respect to and for, YHVH.

  He deserves it!  And, I believe I owe it to Him to kneel, in my inmost soul and being, even if it is quite difficult for me to do physically!

**What do you think?
Share your thoughts with me
on this topic, or
your thoughts after reading this first verse, or
this entire Psalm…
in the comment area, below!  (( Keep it kind and respectful!  Thank you! ))


Rest …

How do you describe what *Rest* is?

To me, True Rest is like a scene in which I am resting comfortably, leaning on Yeshua’s arm/shoulder, while holding His Hand. And, wherever He walks, I walk. Wherever He goes, I go. Whatever He says, I hear and learn, … and imitate. Whatever He speaks about, I speak about.

We can walk with our Best Friend Who Loves us beyond human love, …

… and, we can *Rest* close to His Heart, able to hug Him through

what we Think about,

what we Choose to Do,

where we Choose to go,

what we Ponder (Decisions),

and with whom we Choose to Spend time. (Will we be ashamed, later, about who, on earth, or what spiritual entities, we spent time with, or thought about, often?)


I can *sigh,* knowing Yeshua thinks about me, and takes Good care of me, all the time, for ever! HalleluYah!


Pesach / Passover

Yeshua haMashiach is my Savior Redeemer and Master King! Today, I am celebrating the meal my Adonai (Lord, Master) Yeshua enjoyed with His followers, the evening before He gave His earthly Life to be beaten and executed on the Roman execution stake.

Yeshua is my Life! Because He willingly gave His Life to pay the debt I owed to my heavenly Father YHVH, I can, now, walk in the new Life Yeshua purchased for me, and for everyone who believes and puts his or her trust in Yeshua, as Redeemer Savior, Anointed One Messiah, Mashiach! How wonderful! How exciting!

My Joy, deep inside, overflows into my soul, when I contemplate deeply, seriously, the awesome Sacrifice Yeshua gave on my behalf! He took upon Himself the penalty of an adulterous bride, so that He could “pay for” the sins of us, because we are the ones who have lived like adulterous (men, and) women, in general, due to how we have thought and acted, and in our attitudes, and our motivations, and our sinful justifications for what we’ve done or said. He took this on, so YHVH our heavenly Father can marry The Bride (of Messiah). How? Because YHVH divorced His people Yisrael (Israel), after observing their many generations of unfaithfulness to Him.

Yeshua will, soon, return to marry His Bride: true believers who are following His Word(s), and keeping Yeshua’s commands. His commands are the same as YHVH’s commands He taught to Moshe (Moses), to teach to His children. IF we belong to YHVH through believing trust in Yeshua’s sacrifice in our place, we ARE engrafted / adopted into YHVH’s Family. He calls His Family “Yisrael (Israel).”


Real Life

Freedom is a wonderful word I’ve been given the opportunity to experience! The One Who IS Shalom (the word for Peace, in Hebrew) also IS our Healer! For me, emotional Healing has been a gift given to me many times throughout my earthly life.

I can say this is Truth, knowing YHVH (the 4-letter, transliterated Name our Creator taught Moshe [Moses, in Hebrew] to tell His chosen ones is His Set-apart Name) told Moshe, in Exodus 15: 26, … “If you will diligently hearken (sh’ma / shema. This word usually indicates “to hear and obey.”) to The Voice of YHVH your Elohim, and will do that which is Right in His Sight, and will “give ear” to His Commandments, and “keep” all His Statutes (enactments), I will put none of these diseases upon you, which I have brought upon the Egyptians (mitzraim, in Hebrew. “pressed in; tightly closed in”): for I (am) YHVH (Rophekah, in Hebrew; Rapha, in Greek) Who (continually) heals you.”

Freedom is what I have sensed when I stood on top of, or near the top of, certain mountains in the western U.S.

Freedom is what I sensed as I stood on a tall granite outcropping along the southwestern coast of England.

Freedom is what I felt after making a huge, life-enhancing, yet potentially scary, decision.

Freedom is what I knew was mine, as another gift given by my Father eternal, my King (Melech ha olam. “ha olam” indicates eternal, forever), when He led me to re-dedicate my entire life to living for Him above all else. (at age 15. And, again, around age 55)

Isaiah 60

“Arise, shine; for your Light has come, and The Glory (kavod = glory; literally, it means weightiness, as in value associated with “weight”) of YHVH is risen upon you.”

“For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but YHVH shall arise (zarach,’ in Hebrew = to irradiate [to shoot forth beams]) upon you, and His Glory shall be seen upon you.”

“And the gentiles (goyim, in Hebrew = the nations; non-Semitic peoples) shall come to your Light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.”

… most all of the verses in this chapter seem to indicate what Elohim YHVH “wants” to accomplish through His children who walk in His Way, and …

… describes the circumstances YHVH will bring about when He brings *The Righteous King* again. This time, The Righteous King, Yeshua haMashiach, will rule and reign on earth from Yerushalayim (Jerusalem / “Yeru-Shalom,” my way to spell it, to emphasize the fact that The Creator & Redeemer, Elohim YHVH, chose to make that city a place of Shalom / True Peace.) for 1,000 years. His Dominion will include every part of the earth.

From verse 10, I read:

“And the sons of strangers (strangers in English, is usually the Hebrew word, ger. They are also followers of Elohim YHVH, yet are not “seen,” by some descendants of Ya’akov / Jacob, as being “a part of the 10 lost tribes.” Many are, actually.) shall build your (Jerusalem’s) walls, and their kings (ruling leaders) shall minister unto (serve) you: for in My Wrath I smote you, but in My Favor (ratzon,’ in Hebrew means delight) have I had Mercy on you.”

In verse 12, I see:

“For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you (Mt. Zion, i.e., Jerusalem) shall perish; yes, (those) nations shall be utterly wasted (charav,’ in Hebrew = to parch [through drought]).”

verse 14 states:

“The sons also of those who afflicted you shall come bending (bowing) unto you; and all they that despised you shall bow themselves down …; and they shall call you (Jerusalem), The city of YHVH, The Zion of The Holy One of Israel (Yisrael, in Hebrew).”

From verses 16 & 16, I read:

“… I (YHVH) will make you an eternsl excellency, a joy of many generations. You shall also drink the milk of the nations (gentiles), and … you shall know that I YHVH am your Savior and your Redeemer, The Mighty One of Jacob (Ya’akov, in Hebrew).”

Verses 17 through 22 continue the description of what our King eternal will bring forth, there. It is “an encouraging Word,” to my soul! Is it to yours?

*Leave me a thoughtful, polite comment, if you wish, telling me your “take” on this chapter! (grin)


Children who are Blessings!

According to The One Who designed, and made, all people, all animals, all water sources and the water cycle which He uses to continually bring new, purified water through a well-planned cycle it goes through from sea to land, and back again, …

… and all types of rocks, and all types of soils, all plants bearing seeds, large and smaller, and some tiny ones, …

… and all flying creatures, and all crawling creatures, as well as all types of aquatic creatures living in oceans, seas, lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, brooks, springs, as well as all microscopic creatures, which have their purposes to serve The Creator through, …

… we exist, as Elohim YHVH’s (The God of Israel) children, to act as true Blessings of His, and think in agreement with His Way of thinking He instructs us in through His written Word!

A related thought:

Have you stopped, this week, to observe and to ponder one or two of our Creator’s created wonders?  He’s continually upholding what He made, to function properly (“good”), by The Word of His Truth.  He upholds us by The Word of His Power!

Yeshua, my Rest-Giver, has done all that’s needed to provide Rest, and moments of Peaceful thoughts.  I may need to re-Focus my attention and my thoughts on Truths He has taught me in His Word, to take hold of the Rest and Peace.  !  He enables us to do this, though!  I should do this more often than I, now, do!

Let’s Look unto Him Who is The Author and Finisher of our believing trust (“faith”)!  YHVH states through Shaul’s (Paul’s) letter to the set-apart followers of Yeshua in Colossae, that Yeshua is The One Who “… by Him all things consist.” — from Colossians 1:17 (John 17:5 states that Yeshua existed “before the world was [made]”)

When we re-Focus our spiritual eyes to see, really see, The One Who walked on water (He helped create), we, too, may get to experience Yeshua enabling us to … walk on water …

… IF by our doing that we are used by Him to turn someone’s life around, to see Him for Who He truly is!


Do You Want More Energy?

I used to think most moms knew about the Helpful Herbs, Health-enhancing Essential Oils, and SuperFoods, The Creator made a way for me to Learn about.

Yet, it is Clear, now, that N O T all other moms and ladies have “found the rest” which comes from Knowing which Plant, or Meat, or Plant Oil / Leaf / Root / Seed / or Blossom / Flower / Stem … contain what will Build Up your body’s Happy days. (( grin ))

Have you tried …

(1) Bee Pollen,

(2) Bee Propolis,

(3) Royal Jelly (produced by bees),

(4) Kelp,

(5) Spirulina,

(6) Sprouts from Broccoli, Kale, Spinach, Cabbage, or Radishes,

(7) Young Barley Grass, or Wheat Grass, or Buckwheat “Grass,”

(8) Kombucha,

(9) Water Kefir, or Milk Kefir,

(10) Hyssop (dried herb) as a tea.

… ?

There are more SuperFoods to list. Take time to Learn from sites You Trust more about each SuperFood above!

Shalom Shalom

Some Thoughts For You, Today

Have you considered why it does help reduce your body’s inflammation, every day you spend at least fifteen minutes walking on real grass or soil outside?

The more days you walk, barefoot, on the earth’s ground, the soil, … dirt …, the more improvements in your health you will experience!

Do your research! It is true! Not a fad, or a cult. Merely truth that our awesome, wonder-filled Creator has set up The Way to Life … and to Good Health! He does care about every painful experience some person, or group, or establishment, or under-handed, deceptive, evil-hearted individual has put you through! He DID NOT approve of anything evil that was done to you, or that you ended up experiencing!

Yahweh * was * there with you, going * through * every painful experience of yours, though! He * is * Compassion! — Look up the meaning of that word in a reliable, pre-1964 dictionary! ( I have found historically accurate definitions in the online version of Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the American Language.)

The All-Knowing, All-Powerful, One … Elohim YHVH, Who gave of Himself to redeem you from the law of sin and death, and to transfer your entire being, and life, out of the realm of darkness and into The Kingdom of His Son, Yeshua haMashiach, and of Light (and eternal Life), …

… may not have seemed to have been * there * with you, when you were going through your darkest, seemed-to-be-alone moments. Yet, He went through every bit of struggle, doubt, pain, hurt, anxiety, torture, and all the rest of it, because His Nature is that He is The Only One Who is able to, in Truth, understand exactly what you were put through. How do I know this? I have been through more than you know. And yet, I know He cannot lie. He (in Yeshua, Who is One / Echad with His Father, as Yeshua said in the gospel John was inspired to write down) is I AM. He * is * Truth!

YHVH, our Father in heaven, Who designed you, and me, for the highest forms of greatness, has been with you, allowing (for the Good He knows He is able to, later, Produce In You, if you’ll Ask Him to Heal and Restore Your Soul, after) “the painful experience” you went through. Why ? ! ? He, alone, knows His Strength and His Perspective, His Mercy and His Restorative Power to enable you to Overcome, and move forward in a New Direction, * will * pull you through and, actually, Prepare You to become a Righteous Mentor for specific souls, people, who will Need You to Be Strong in The Lord Adonai Yeshua haMashiach (The Anointed One of Elohim YHVH, His Son, my Redeemer & Savior!) and in The Power of His Might. ( see Ephesians 6: 10-18 )

The whole armor of Elohim (God, in Hebrew) is N O T a picture of a Roman soldier’s metal armor and associated tools of warring. The armor of Elohim YHVH actually is a picture of the high priest’s clothing (explained in the garments designed to be worn, first, and used for Good, by Aaron, the older brother of Moses, in The Tabernacle, in worship of The Creator and King eternal, Elohim YHVH, Himself!).  Yeshua * is * our True High Priest!  (No other one is needed, now, according to what He knows.)

Do your research. Be careful which websites you trust for accurate information! Pray for discernment from on High, from YHVH, El Elyon!

You are enabled to do Great things, in His Name, for His Glory, for His Kingdom! Ask Him for anything you truly Need! He will hear you! He will answer you!

Be diligent! Always Hope and Trust in YHVH, in Yeshua! He knows! He cares! He gave a part of Himself, His Son, so you (and I) could be allowed to draw closer to His Heart, and get to Know Him intimately! He shares His mysteries, secrets ( see Psalm 91 ), only with the man, the woman, the child, whom He knows are seeking to know Him * in Truth* … in Sincerity, for real!